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Feedback from operators following 2022 EU ETS/UK ETS/CORSIA verification


Many Congratulations and tremendous effort on your part. Very grateful indeed - Airblue
Thank you to you, and all in the Verifavia team for a smooth verification - Nova Airlines
I appreciate your help and smooth cooperation during this verification - Aegean Airways
Many thanks for your cooperation, it’s been a pleasure to work with you indeed - Air Astana
Thank you for your professional work and cooperation - Air Bridge
Thank you for the good news and the final report. You have been very helpful indeed - Albawings
Thank you very much, it is a great relief that our first submission went very well. Thank you for your help in the verification process, it was a pleasure working with you - CargoJet
Thanks for the great work - Fly Jordan

Thank you Himanshu and Stanko for your help and guidance during this verification process - NHV Helicopter

You have been a big help to us as always. Until our next verification - PAL Express
Thank you for your time and guidance through this verification process - Sunwing
Thank you very much and I really appreciate your support - Tarom
I want to thank you for your professional work and productive communication with us. Thank you for your work - Turkmenistan Airlines
It was great pleasure to work with you. We had interesting verification process and everything went at the high level. Thank you, and looking forward to work with Verifavia the next year - Ukraine International Airlines
We appreciate Himanshu and the rest of the Verifavia team’s support of our efforts to comply with this annual filing. All the best to you and the entire Verifavia organization - ABX Air
I could not have done this without the wonderful help of your auditors - Kalitta
Le succès est partagé. Merci à toute l’équipe de Verifavia - Air Madagascar
Thank you, Azhar - much appreciated - JC Decaux
Thank you very much for your message and your work on verification - ASL Airlines FRANCE
Thanks for your very good cooperation. I hope that the pandemic will go, and we will welcome you to our offices next time - Tailwind Airlines
Thank you very much for your work on the verification - ASL Airlines FRANCE
Thank you for the below, this again wouldn’t have been possible without the able support of the Verifavia team - Amiri Flight
Thank you for your support - Global Jet
Thank you very much for the subject EU ETS verification and great cooperation - Silk Way West
I was not over-excited about the audit, but it was conducted in such a way that I felt at ease the whole time. Thank you for your support, it was a pleasure working with you on the verification - Bluebird
Many thanks for your help on this, much appreciated - Virgin Atlantic
Thank you for the support you have provided during this verification. It was a new challenge with changing the regulator - Oman Air
Thank you, Ankit for your kind support. Thank you once again for your prompt cooperation - Etihad Airways
As usual, I can’t do anything but praise your professionalism and approach toward us. I want also to thank you for your patience and kindness. Thank you and to everyone involved in the audit - SprintAir SA
Thank you, Ankit, Appreciate your kind assistance all throughout the process. It was great and helpful to have Verifavia as always - Dubai Air Wing
Many thanks for sending us the verification report. We appreciate all your efforts throughout our engagement in this cycle - Flydubai
Thank you for your fantastic work. It was a pleasure to work with you - Azerbaijan Airlines
Thank you for your time and effort during the verification periodIt was my pleasure working with you and happy to cooperate with your colleague Azhar - Gulf Air
Congratulations! Thank you for your cooperation and thank you for your usual support - Air Cairo
We would like to thank you for your cooperation with Bamboo Airways. It is a really great pleasure for us to become partners with you. Your high professionalism and many years’ of experience mean a lot to us. We appreciate your time working on our Emissions Report to get the verification on time. Wish you all the best - Bamboo Airways
Thank you again for your work on the verification and for helping to make it a smooth and straightforward process - Emirates
Thank you all for your tremendous help in launching the UK ETS verifications. Thanks to your efforts, we not only launched on time but with a great result. I would like to express my gratitude to you and your team - S&K Bermuda 
I want to thank your team, especially Sasi, for the excellent service provided during the review - NetJets Aviation
Great work! Thanks for your support throughout this process - Virgin Australia Holdings Ltd
Would like to thank you and your team for a great job done. Sasi especially had spent some long hours working on this verification and we truly appreciate it. (Well done Sasi!) We look forward to continuing the working relationship with you for CORSIA and other future emissions report verification - Cathay Pacific
It is a pleasure working with the Verifavia team who are highly proficient and skilled with CORSIA. We are very lucky to be working with this team and learning as we go thru the Annual Audits. A big thank you from the team - Fiji Airways
On behalf of the Sky Prime, I would like to thank you for the quality of service provided by you and your team. We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated and the way you conduct business - Sky Prime
Thank you everyone for all of the assistance on this - Omni Air International
Thank you very much for the verification report. It was a pleasure going through the verification process with Naama and you supporting every step of the way. We are very most happy with the service and hope to continue a long lasting business cooperation - Trade Air
We really appreciate your assistance during the verification process - UR Airlines
Thank you for your work and support - SkyUp
Thanks for your team’s effort! Really appreciated. Sasi, thanks again for your guidance and cooperation. It’s good to see that we could meet the official deadline with sufficient buffer this year - Hong Kong Airlines
Many thanks the kind assistance and effort to meet the deadlines as planned. We are happy about the good synergy between our teams during the process - Qatar Airways & Qatar Executive
Thank you for your below mail, likewise, it is always a pleasure to interact with the Verifavia team; the guidance and support during the verification process is very much appreciated - Amiri Flight
Thank you so much for your kind cooperation - Air Europa Líneas Aéreas
Thank you very much for all your help in this matter - IP Aviation L.P.
Many thanks again for the great support - International Jet Management GmbH
I would like to thank you for your help and support in the verification process - Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas
Thank you Lizeth for a very clear and professional verification, much appreciated - Atlantic Airways PF
Thank you for both the verification of the UK and EU ETS - Royal Air Force
Thanks a lot for the notification and your hard work. We really appreciate it - TAM Linhas Aéreas S.A
Thanks a lot for your help and guidance - LAS Cargo SA
Thank you very much for your help on this matter and all efforts you have made to help us complete the ER - West Atlantic Sweden AB
Un gusto trabajar con Uds! Nos vemos Dios primero el próximo año - Copa Airlines & AeroRepública
It is a pleasure to receive this good news, thank you for your usual cooperation and advice - Avianca Group
Merci beaucoup Subha pour votre réactivité et votre support durant cette vérification. Et également un plaisir d’avoir travaillé avec vous - Air France
First of all, let me thank you for all the assistance, suggestions and cooperation during the audit process. Thank you very much for your effort and the performed audit. It was a fruitful cooperation - Aerotranscargo
Merci à vous aussi. Votre travail nous aide, année après année, au-delà des vérifications à proprement parler, à maîtriser les évolutions réglementaires et garantir la conformité de nos opérations. C’est extrêmement appréciable de vous avoir comme interlocuteurs - Air Corsica
Encore merci pour tout - La Compagnie
Je te remercie pour ton accompagnement pour l’ETS - Royal Air Maroc
Merci pour ton mail. Et également un grand merci à Subha pour son efficacité - Air Austral
Thank you for successfully finalizing the verification process and congratulations for accomplishing the task in due time for Blue Air - Blue Air
Merci infiniment pour le travail effectué. C'était également très agréable de travailler avec toi - Tunisair
I would like to extend my gratitude towards the commitment and support throughout the verification process - Malindo Airways
Thank you for your guidance and prompt actions on the EU ETS verification process and requirements. On behalf of Scoot, we would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your team. Given the tight timeline, we appreciate the support given. Many thanks for your guidance and support - Scoot Tiger
Thank you very much for the hard work and guidance too. Thank you very much you, Kaustubh, Mathias and Team - Singapore Airlines
Thank you very much for supporting us during verification process. We’re glad working with Verifavia - Lion Air
Thanks for the good news. Also thanks to both of you for kind cooperation for assisting us during this exercise - Air Mauritius
Thank you Kaustubh ! And thanks for your very high professionalism and support throughout the process this year, it was much appreciated - Air Greenland
Appreciate the help once again. It was steep learning curve and we wouldn't be able to succeed without continuous support and communication from your team - WestJet Group
I would like to thank you for everything during this verification process. I hope we will one day be able to achieve a net-zero someday in the future.  Thank you again very much - Air Asia Philippines
On behalf of AirAsia Group of 3 AOCs (Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia), we would like to thank you for your assistance throughout the verification process - AirAsia Group

AIR COTE D’IVOIRE vous remercie pour le professionnalisme avec lequel a été conduit ce processus de verification - Air Côte d’Ivoire
Thank you for providing verification for FedEx! We appreciate your help! It has been a pleasure working with you all for 2021 verification - Fedex
Merci beaucoup! Et au plaisir de re travailler avec VERIFAVIA pour le rapport 2022 - Tassili Airlines
Great news Mathias, Thanks for all your efforts during the verification process. It is nice to have the first year complete with VERIFAVIA - Ryanair
Thank you for your time and effort. This was completed much earlier than expected - Air Arabia PJSC
Thank you very much for your work on our 2021 verification process. I wish you a successful end of audit season and we look forward to working again with you - Air Canada & Air Canada Rouge
Thank you very much for your support. And it was absolutely great job of your team - Enter Air
Welcome news, thank you for your support and efforts in completing the verification. Always a pleasure working with your team - Jazz Aviation
Thank you Vineet & team, we greatly appreciate you expediting these reviews for us - Jetblue
Thank you so much for your great support and cooperation - Air Arabia Maroc
At this stage, I would like to thank you for your continuing support during the verification effort.  Your comments are highly valued and will form part of our basis to improving our processes - Air Senegal
Thank you very much! Thanks for the great effort of the whole team from both parties. Thank you very much once again - Azul
Thank you also for the assistance you had extended to us (CEB) from verification until certification of our Emission Report - Cebu Air
Thanks a lot we really appreciate your effort during the past months - Egypt Air
Thank you for your support throughout the verification process. See you next year - FireFly
Many thanks for your professional team. We look forward to working with you next years - FlyEgypt
We would like also to thank you for your support and help. On behalf of our Corsia Team, thank you a lot - Jazeera Airways
Thank you so much for your continuous support - Kuwait Airways
Thank you very much. It was a great pleasure working with your team. My team and I will be looking forward to working with you for the next year's project. Thank you so much - Nepal Airlines
Thank you very much for your effort. It has been of a great pleasure working with you on this year’s emission report. We really appreciate your help and understanding throughout this process - Nile Air
Thank you very much & your efforts are highly appreciated. It was a pleasure working with you - Royal Jordanian
Once again thank you Melissa for your efforts & support, and to the UL team, truly appreciate your hard work - SriLankan Airlines
Thank you for the support and the work done in this verification - Sky Airline

The report was well received by the authorities. Thank you again for a smooth audit process - Kenya Airways

Thank you very much for the good news and appreciate your support through our verification process - Fly Baghdad

Thank you, Julien, and thank you to your very hardworking and professional team - Arik Air
Thank you Sasi for the smooth process that you and Naama took to make the verification process a success. Will endeavour for a better and quicker process next time - Astral Aviation

I want to say a huge thank you to you and your team for your high professionalism, understanding and patience - Azur Air Ukraine

Thank you so much for your professionalism and continuous support. Always a pleasure working with Verifavia team. - Kuwait Airways
It is thanks to her dedication, professionalism, and patience of Melissa that we came this far and have the results. She has taken me through this "trip" and guided me very helpfully to the destination. I literally could not have done it without her help and guidance. I wrote "thank you" more than once or twice, I meant it with all my heart. Your support and explanations were invaluable. - El Al

Much appreciated. We could not have accomplished this without the Sasi’s guidance and patience.  Much kudos to him. - LIAT (1974)

Much appreciate the continuous and a robust support by Verifavia team in not just verifying us per standards but also helping us in revamping our EMP that reflects the true and fair state of affairs at TCA - Tasman Cargo

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