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ICAO's CORSIA & EU ETS - September 2018 Newsletter


Alert EU ETS: Price of European carbon allowances is over 20EUR!


Did you check the price per allowance lately? If you didn’t, prepare yourself for a shock! The price per allowance is 22.23EUR (EEX 20.09.2018) and it is forecasted to grow even higher (35EUR per allowance by April 2019). This is quite a leap from the prices around 5 EUR that we were used to.

What does this mean for aircraft operators that must comply with EU ETS Directive? Unfortunately, it means the compliance is going to get expensive. It also means that it is time to start thinking about some mitigating measures such as hedging of the carbon allowances. You can hedge your allowances now, use them later to comply with EU ETS and save money for your company!

If this is all new to you, VERIFAVIA recommends you participate in the Carbon Markets & Strategies Seminar at Aviation Carbon 2018! You will learn about the best strategies from the carbon markets experts.
Report: Carbon Countdown: Prices and Politics in the EU-ETS
Article: Europe's Carbon Market Starts Doing Its Job Of Cutting Emissions - A Decade Late
Article: Soaring carbon prices turn Europe's energy landscape upside down
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Aeroplane operators worldwide that operate international flights are requested to submit their CORSIA Monitoring Plan by 30 September 2018 / 28 February 2019 (recommended / mandatory deadline) to their focal points appointed by the States. List of CORSIA focal points is yet to be published.

We would like to remind you that the template for CORSIA Emissions Monitoring Plan is available! Unless your State informs you that they developed or are developing their own template, you are required to use the template from ICAO. This is an excel template, which includes short guidance for each of the sections. More information on how to complete your EMP can be found in the published Environmental Technical Manual.

VERIFAVIA can also review your draft EMP and make an assessment of the procedures prior the submission to your CORSIA Focal point.

Read more about ICAO's CORSIA
SARPs – Annex 16 Volume IV
Environmental Technical Manual – Volume IV
​​Template of Emissions Monitoring Plan (from aeroplane operator to State)
Contact VERIFAVIA for CORSIA EMP Assessment

Two free passes for airlines
Preliminary agenda available

Our Aviation Carbon 2018 conference is now less than two months away. We urge you to register for this important international event without delay.

Aviation Carbon 2018 is being held at the London Heathrow Marriott on Monday and Tuesday, November 5 and 6. It is co-organised by GreenAir OnlineGreen Aviation Solutions and Verifavia.

If your organization is a member of one of our Partner associations ATAG, IETA, CMIA, ICSA or RSB, you will be entitled to a further discount on the rates. Please go to the Event Partners page on our website for your discount code to use when registering online.

We are delighted this year to offer up to two free places to delegates from airlines and aircraft operators from our Partner airline and business aviation associations: A4A, A4E, AACO, AAPA, ALTA, EBAA and ERA. This offer also applies to Associate Airline members of RSB. Please go to the Event Partners page on our website for your 100% discount code to use when registering online.

Aviation Carbon 2018 already has strong support from all the major airline associations and now we are pleased to announce that Airbus and Boeing will be both supporting Aviation Carbon 2018 as our event sponsors!

The preliminary Agenda for Aviation Carbon 2018 is now available online here.

On Day 2 you can chose to participate in one of our workshops. You will learn from the experts of their respective fields, who will share with you their in-depth knowledge of the subject. You can choose from the following workshops:
  • CORSIA MRV Workshop
  • Carbon Markets & Strategies Seminar
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuels in Europe Seminar
We look forward to welcoming and meeting you at Aviation Carbon 2018!

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Airlines and NGOs spell out differing positions over CORSIA implementation and the future of the Aviation EU ETS


International airline associations have written a joint open letter to the European Commission urging it to ensure the ICAO proposed rules governing the CORSIA carbon offsetting scheme are adopted uniformly and in their entirety throughout Europe. They also call for the monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) requirements of the EU ETS to be aligned with those of CORSIA in order to avoid an added administrative burden, and for all international intra-EEA flights to be removed from the scope of the EU ETS from January 2021 when the first voluntary phase of CORSIA starts. In response, a group of Europe-based NGOs has called on the Commission to resist any moves to amend, barring certain non-essential MRV provisions, the EU ETS directive and for the EU to reserve its position on CORSIA until a review of the ICAO scheme has taken place.[...]

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The VERIFAVIA team is available for any questions you may have about this newsletter or other ETS and CORSIA related issues.

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