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Message from VERIFAVIA CEO on EU ETS, CORSIA and Swiss ETS


On behalf of the VERIFAVIA team, I would like to wish you and your colleagues all the best for the new year!

The purpose of this message is to provide you with a quick update of all relevant matters regarding EU ETS, CORSIA and Swiss ETS.


Our technical team is in process of preparing and sending the audit preparation letters in order to start the verification of your 2018 emissions report. If you have not yet received your audit preparation letter, you will receive it within the next days. We kindly ask you to please submit your data and documents for the verification of your 2018 emission report as soon as possible in order to ensure a timely verification.

The only significant change in the EU ETS requirements this year concerns the new submission deadline as a consequence of the Brexit. Since we are accredited by UKAS, we must complete all verification work before the Brexit, i.e. before Friday 29th of March 2019.

We rely on you to strive to fullfil this objective. We will then move to a COFRAC accreditation, which will allow us to continue serving you and verify your 2019 emissions report.

Here is a reminder of the deadlines for the submission of your 2018 emissions report:
  • Spain: 28th February
  • Croatia: 28th February
  • UK: 11th March (due to Brexit)
  • Belgium (both Walloon and Flanders): 14th March
  • Denmark: 24th March (recommended)
  • All other countries: 29th March (due to Brexit)


The ICAO's CORSIA is now live, and the monitoring of emissions of all international flights to calculate the CORSIA baseline (average of 2019 and 2020 emissions) started on 1st January 2019.

We are pleased to inform you that we already applied for CORSIA accreditation and we expect to become one of the first accredited CORSIA verifiers!

For European airlines, a new EU ETS / CORSIA monitoring plan template has been designed by the European Commission that will be issued soon. For non-European airlines, the CORSIA monitoring plan has already been issued by ICAO, and you will find the template and all relevant documents for download here.

We remind you that the final deadline for the submission of the CORSIA monitoring plan to your CORSIA Administering Authority is 28th February 2019.

We also inform you that we have one seat left for our CORSIA training course next week in Paris. Please click here for more information.

Swiss ETS

As part of the linkage of the Swiss ETS and the EU ETS, all operators that operated flights within Switzerland and from Switzerland to EEA countries in 2018 must prepare and submit a verified 2018 tonne-kilometre monitoring (TKM) report to the Swiss FOEN before 29th March 2019.

Please note that if you were subject to EU ETS in 2016 and you have operated any number of flights mentioned above, you are required to submit the TKM report as the de minimis rules do not apply to you.

As an accredited verification body, we can happily verify your 2018 TKM report together with your 2018 emissions report. For more information about the Swiss ETS and the 2018 TKM report requirements, including an FAQ, please click here.

We remain available at anytime for any questions you may have on the EU ETS, CORSIA or the Swiss ETS.

We look forward to another round of excellent cooperation in 2019!

Julien Dufour
CEO, VERIFAVIA Back to all Verifavia News