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Swiss ETS latest updates


In late November 2020, the European Commission issued an updated version of the EU ETS Annual emissions report (AER) template that facilitates Swiss ETS reporting together with EU ETS reporting. The new template is essentially the same as the old template with additional Swiss ETS sections, and can be downloaded here

The most important feature of the new template is that, in most of the sections, operators will need to make a distinction whether flights should be reported under EU ETS or the Swiss ETS. With that in mind, and unless explicitly stated otherwise, flights departing the EEA and arriving in Switzerland shall be reported in the EU ETS sections of the AER, while Swiss domestic flights and flights departing from Switzerland and arriving to EEA shall be reported in the Swiss ETS sections of the AER.

Additionally, it is worth noting that in section 9 of the AER, operators will need to identify whether a specific aircraft was used on flights subject to EU ETS, Swiss ETS, and/or CORSIA.

Further information about Swiss ETS can be found on our website on the Swiss ETS program page and the Swiss ETS FAQs

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