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> Switzerland is Linking its ETS with EU ETS - TK Monitoring Plan must be submitted by 30 September

Switzerland is Linking its ETS with EU ETS - TK Monitoring Plan must be submitted by 30 September


Aircraft operators that will operate flights within Switzerland and from Switzerland to EEA countries are required to submit tonne-kilometer Monitoring Plans to the FOEN no later than 30th September 2017.

Switzerland and the European Union (EU) are seeking to link their respective emissions trading schemes. Once the two emissions trading schemes have been formally linked, aircraft operators are to also be integrated into the Swiss emissions trading scheme.

Before civil aviation can be incorporated into the scheme, it will be necessary for the involved aircraft operators to collect tonne-kilometre data, which will be required for calculating the allocation of emission rights without charge to the aircraft operators. In order for the tonne-kilometre data to be correctly collected in 2018, the aircraft operators have to prepare a monitoring plan by not later than 30 September 2017, in which they describe the methodology, competencies and quality assurance model for the acquisition of the data.

For the preparation of their monitoring plan, aircraft operators are required to use a template provided by the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), which is based on the template provided by the EU.

In principle, all operators of aircraft that fly within Switzerland, or from Switzerland to destinations in the European Economic Area (EEA), will be required to submit a monitoring plan to the FOEN for verification. This includes operators who carry out flights from the binational Basel-Mulhouse Airport to destinations in the EEA, and flights between Basel-Mulhouse Airport and destinations in Switzerland, insofar as these are carried out under Swiss transport law. The requirement does not apply to aircraft that fly over Switzerland without landing there.

Visit the FOEN website for more information and Monitoring Plan template.

Questions should be addressed to: climate@bafu.admin.ch

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