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> The ICAO 38th Resolution calls on Member States to submit their State Action Plans

The ICAO 38th Resolution calls on Member States to submit their State Action Plans


On Friday 4 October, at the close of its 38th Assembly, the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) adopted a resolution that calls for ICAO Member States to submit or update their State Action Plans (Action Plan on Emissions Reduction - APER).

The ICAO Resolution covers extensively the issue of State Action Plans. ICAO says: "By mid-August 2013, 63 Member States, representing approximately 80 per cent of global international air traffic, prepared and submitted action plans to ICAO. It was expected that the submission of additional action plans by the end of 2013 would bring the total coverage of global international air traffic to over 90 per cent. "

The sections of the 38th Resolution that includes information on State Action Plans are the following:

11. [The Assembly] further encourages States to submit their voluntary action plans outlining their respective policies and actions, and annual reporting on international aviation CO2  emissions to ICAO.

12. [The Assembly] invites those States that choose to prepare or update their action plans to submit them to ICAO as soon as possible preferably by the end of June 2015 and once every three years thereafter, in order that ICAO can continue to compile the information in relation to achieving the global aspirational goals, and the action plans should include information on the basket of measures considered by States, reflecting their respective national capacities and circumstances, information on the expected environmental benefits from the implementation of the measures chosen from the basket, and information on any specific assistance needs.

13. [The Assembly] encourages States that already submitted their action plans to share information contained in their action plans and build partnerships with other member States in order to support those States that have not prepared their action plans.

15. [The Assembly] requests the Council to facilitate the dissemination of economic and technical studies and best practices related to aspirational goals and to continue to provide guidance and other technical assistance for the preparation and update of States’ action plans prior to the end of June 2015, in order for States to conduct their necessary studies and to voluntarily submit their action plans to ICAO. Back to all Verifavia News