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> VERIFAVIA has been acquired by the NORMEC GROUP !

VERIFAVIA has been acquired by the NORMEC GROUP !


We are delighted to announce that Verifavia has joined the Normec Group! 
The Normec Group is a global organization, offering a complete package in the field of (laboratory) testing, analysis, inspections, and certifications. 
This deal gives us access to Normec Group’s materials testing sites and laboratories, markets, clients, and services in Europe. It also improves and expands the package of services we offer to our clients. Naturally, you can continue to count on the same quality, fees, and service as you are used to from Verifavia. 
We are convinced that by joining the Normec Group, we can offer our customers a broader and better range of services now and in the future. 
For more information about the Normec Group, please visit  https://www.normecgroup.com/en/ 
Read our Press Release - Shipping & Aviation to reap benefits from Normec Group's acquisition of Verifavia 
We would like to thank all our staff, clients, and partners over the past 12 years for making this possible! 
We are looking forward to continuing our journey with Normec. 
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about our collaboration with the Normec. 
Yours sincerely, 
Julien Dufour, President, VERIFAVIA SAS & Subsidiaries 
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