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EU ETS Training

Verifavia provides training and capacity building in EU ETS and Aviation MRV to airlines, business jet operators and regulatory authorities.


Verifavia offers a modular training programme.
  • Module 1: Introduction to EU ETS Concepts
  • Module 2: Monitoring
  • Module 3: Reporting
  • Module 4: Verification
  • Module 5: Implementation
The training programme includes both an overview and detailed information about EU ETS including the procedures and calculation methodologies for the Annual Emissions and Tonne-kilometer monitoring plans and reports, procedures for internal and external verification, procedures for purchasing and surrendering CO2 allowances and types of carbon allowances, the legal framework in Europe, roles and responsibilities of the EU government regulators (Competent Authorities), strategic issues, carbon trading issues, political issues and international debate, future of EU ETS (European Commission proposal to restrict EU ETS to European regional airspace, path to a Global ICAO MBM and potential similarities and differences with EU ETS).

List of possible topics:

  • EU ETS for stationary installations - Legal background
  • EU ETS for aviation - Legal background
  • EU ETS framework, stakeholders and organizational structure
  • EU ETS road map
  • EU ETS monitoring - Annual emissions
  • EU ETS monitoring - Tonne kilometres
  • EU ETS reporting - Annual emissions
  • EU ETS reporting - Tonne kilometres
  • EU ETS verification
  • Accreditation of verifiers, standards of accreditation
  • EU ETS implementation issues
  • EU ETS strategic issues
  • Carbon allowances purchasing and trading
  • Registry account procedures
  • The international political debate
  • The Commission's proposal to restrict EU ETS to European regional airspace
  • The path to a Global ICAO MBM
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