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ICAO's CORSIA - February 2020 Newsletter


ICAO published the updated list of operators subject to CORSIA

ICAO published the third edition of the document “CORSIA Aeroplane Operator to State Attributions” which lists a total of 690 airplane operators subject to CORSIA and their attribution to each ICAO Contracting State.

We would like to bring to your attention that the information contained in this list, as it is based on information submitted by each Contracting State to ICAO without confirmation by ICAO, is only indicative and should be treated as such.

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Updated CORSIA Templates

ICAO has revised its standardized CORSIA templates in January 2020 following the publication of the second edition of Environmental Technical Manual (Doc 9501), Volume IV - Procedures for demonstrating compliance with the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).

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EU ETS and Swiss ETS Linking Agreement

The linking agreement between EU ETS and Swiss ETS was signed in Bern on 23rd November 2017 and entered into force on 1st January 2020. The EU-Swiss ETS linking agreement is a first of its kind under the Paris agreement on climate change.

As per the linking agreement Article 4 (1), Emission allowances that can be used for compliance under the ETS of one Party shall be recognized for compliance under the ETS of the other Party. This means the aircraft operator from the EU may use Swiss allowances and Swiss operators may use the EU allowances to compensate for their emissions [...]

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EU ETS / CORSIA Emissions Report Template for European operators

The European Commission published on 24 January 2020 the new EU ETS / CORSIA Emissions Report template that must be used for the EU ETS and CORSIA reporting of relevant 2019 flights and emissions.

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Verifavia partners with KeeeX to protect its certificates in the blockchain


Verifavia has partnered with independent blockchain technology solutions provider KeeeX to enhance the protection of its electronic documents provided by the operators. Once the document has been protected by KeeeX mechanism and blockchain, any modification of the original document will invalidate it when it is checked through the verification window. This mechanism will progressively be extended to all documents delivered by Verifavia during the year 2020.

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IATA and XCHG’s Carbon Exchange



When the CORSIA verification is in progress, the air transport industry around the world is looking forward to reducing their carbon emissions. To help airlines, IATA has recently partnered with XCHG (Xpansiv CBL Holding Group) to develop the Aviation Carbon Exchange (ACE), which will help the airline to get their CORSIA eligible emission units feasibly. In the Q1 of 2020, IATA and XCHG are planned to trial with airlines those who start offsetting voluntary credits in a pilot phase. The tradable CORSIA eligible emission units will be listed on ACE after ICAO approval [...]

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As ICAO prepares to make carbon offset eligibility decisions, the Madrid COP provides some guidance

The dust is still swirling after the recent UNFCCC’s COP25 climate talks sputtered to a halt in Madrid. Observers who follow the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) had hoped the meeting would deliver clear carbon market rules. But in the aftermath of the COP, it is unclear how ICAO’s Technical Advisory Body (TAB) and the 36-member governing Council will decide which, if any, of the 14 carbon credit programmes that have applied to date actually meet CORSIA’s emissions unit eligibility criteria. However, COP25 did provide three outcomes that may help the ICAO decision-making process. The stakes − for ICAO’s credibility, for airlines’ reputations and for the global effort to combat climate change – are high. [...]

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Leading Bizav Names Featured on ICAO CORSIA List

ICAO has published a list of 690 operators that, according to submissions from its member nations, will be subject to CORSIA (The Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation)—with many leading business aircraft operators included.

“CORSIA Airplane Operator to State Attributions” includes the likes of NetJets, EJM and Flexjet in the U.S.;  VistaJet, which is listed under Malta; Qatar Executive under Qatar; and several well-known charter operators in San Marino, including TAG and Luxaviation. Also falling under the auspices of the scheme are Execujet (Switzerland); several in the UAE, such as Falcon Aviation, Execujet ME, and Royal Flight; and NetJets Europe under Spain. [...]


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Rate of growth in airline carbon emissions has slowed this year but will pick up in 2020, forecasts IATA


According to IATA’s latest half-yearly industry outlook, the rate of growth in carbon emissions will have slowed in 2019 as a result of lower growth in capacity and improvements in fuel efficiency. Fuel consumption and carbon emissions from the global fleet have in recent years risen at rates above five per cent per year but carbon emissions in 2019 are estimated by IATA at 915 million tonnes (Mt) compared with 905 Mt in 2018, a rise of 1.1%. Fuel use in 2019 is expected to top 363 billion litres. Addressing journalists at the annual Global Media Days in Geneva last week, IATA Director General Alexandre de Juniac said the industry could be proud of its record on climate action but that there was more work to be done by industry and governments. IATA also announced a partnership with CBL Markets to establish a CORSIA carbon exchange for airlines. [...]

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Verifavia achieve a new milestone by supporting Bolt (taxify) for Co2 Verification
To make calculations about how much needs to be offset, we used the help of a verification agency Verifavia. Both parts of the ride – the driver getting to the passenger and then the ride to the destination – were taken into account. And they’ll be keeping an eye on our emissions in the future as well, to make sure we stay on track.

To balance our CO₂ emissions, we’ll support emission reduction projects to make us carbon neutral. And of course, we’re not choosing these projects randomly or based on our gut feeling — the highly experienced Natural Capital Partners’ team is helping us out. They are experts in solutions for a positive impact on carbon, renewable energy, biodiversity, and water.

So, in short: first, we need to calculate our carbon footprint and get those calculations verified and that’s what Verifavia help us with. After that, projects are chosen, payments are made — which is where Natural Capital Partners advise us — and in the end, the footprint of our European rides becomes carbon neutral. All the projects are independently verified to assure the quality of the emissions reductions [...]


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