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Who can undertake a Bilan Carbon®?

The production of a Bilan Carbone® caters to three needs:
  1. action against climate change;
  2. evaluating your dependence on fossil energies, so as to anticipate the effects linked to depletion of these resources;
  3. measure the gains from greenhouse gas emission reductions, and anticipate the costs of change in the price of energy.
The production of a Bilan Carbone® requires both methodological expertise for completing the greenhouse gas emission evaluation and reduction project, and technical expertise for using the various Bilan Carbone® tools. Everyone can acquire this expertise, and it can be both internal or external expertise after training:
  • internal expertise can be employed when an entity wants to produce a Bilan Carbone® for its activity internally;
  • external expertise can be provided by contractors that undertake Bilan Carbone® for clients.

Source: Association Bilan Carbone®
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