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Which States are participating in CORSIA?

ICAO has decided to use a phased implementation for the CORSIA to accommodate the special circumstances and respective capabilities of States (SCRC), in particular developing States, while minimizing market distortion.

Pilot phase applies from 2021 through 2023 to States that have volunteered to participate in the scheme. 

List of States that intend to volunteer in CORSIA from its outset as of Jan 2021:
Afghanistan Estonia Madagascar Serbia
Albania Finland Malaysia Singapore
Armenia France Malta Slovakia
Australia Gabon Marshall Islands Slovenia
Austria Georgia Mexico Spain
Azerbaijan Germany Monaco Sweden
Belgium Ghana Montenegro Switzerland
Benin Greece Namibia Thailand
Bosnia and Herzegovina Guatemala Netherlands Turkey
Botswana Guyana New Zealand Uganda
Bulgaria Honduras Nigeria Ukraine
Burkina Faso Hungary North Macedonia United Arab Emirates
Cameroon Iceland Norway United Kingdom
Canada Indonesia Papua New Guinea United Republic of Tanzania
Costa Rica Ireland Philippines United States
Côte d'Ivoire Israel Poland Zambia
Croatia Italy Portugal  
Cyprus Jamaica Qatar  
Czechia Japan Republic of Korea  
Democratic Republic of the Congo Kazakhstan Republic of Moldova  
Denmark Kenya Romania  
Dominican Republic Latvia Rwanda  
El Salvador Lithuania San Marino  
Equatorial Guinea Luxembourg Saudi Arabia  

First phase applies from 2024 through 2026 to States that voluntarily participate in the pilot phase, as well as any other States that volunteer to participate in this phase.

Second phase applies from 2027 through 2035 to all States that have an individual share of international aviation activities in RTKs in year 2018 above 0.5 per cent of total RTKs or whose cumulative share in the list of States from the highest to the lowest amount of RTKs reaches 90 per cent of total RTKs, except Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs) unless they volunteer to participate in this phase.

List of States that will have to mandatorily participate in CORSIA in Second Phase not taking into account whether these States participated voluntarily in previous phases(based on last available international aviation activities in RTKs in year 2018):
Australia Ireland Republic of Korea
Belgium Italy Russian Federation
Brazil Japan Saudi Arabia
Canada Luxembourg Singapore
China Malaysia Spain
Ethiopia Mexico Switzerland
Finland Netherlands Thailand
France New Zealand Turkey
Germany Norway United Arab Emirates
Hungary Philippines United Kingdom
India Portugal United States
Indonesia Qatar Viet Nam

List of all States to participate in the Second Phase (voluntarily or not):
Afghanistan El Salvador Kenya Romania
Albania Equatorial Guinea Latvia Russian Federation
Armenia Estonia Lithuania Rwanda
Australia Ethiopia Luxembourg San Marino
Austria Finland Madagascar Saudi Arabia
Azerbaijan France Malaysia Serbia
Belgium Gabon Malta Singapore
Benin Georgia Marshall Islands Slovakia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Germany Mexico Slovenia
Botswana Ghana Monaco Spain
Brazil Greece Montenegro Sweden
Bulgaria Guatemala Namibia Switzerland
Burkina Faso Guyana Netherlands Thailand
Cameroon Honduras New Zealand Turkey
Canada Hungary Nigeria Uganda
China Iceland North Macedonia Ukraine
Costa Rica India Norway United Arab Emirates
Côte d'Ivoire Indonesia Papua New Guinea United Kingdom
Croatia Ireland Philippines United Republic of Tanzania
Cyprus Israel Poland United States
Czechia Italy Portugal Viet Nam
Democratic Republic of the Congo Jamaica Qatar Zambia
Denmark Japan Republic of Korea  
Dominican Republic Kazakhstan Republic of Moldova  

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